Bikes @ Work

Provide bikes at your office for you and Your employees!

The Bikes@Work program is designed to provide bicycles at your workplace for employees to run errands, go shopping, ride to a meeting, get a little exercise in during lunch breaks and other types of trips. Participation is limited to businesses within Santa Monica city limits.

Bikes @ Work BASIC


  • Bikes include a lock and one full tune-up per year.
  • Helmets available for an additional $45 each

Bikes @ work PRO


  • Bikes include a lock and one full tune-up a year.
  • Helmets available for an additional $45 each.
  • One 45-minute safety session for every two bikes leased (safety classes are taught by certified cycling Instructors).



Offer Bike Facilities

Showers and private changing rooms are ideal
Arrange for shower use at a local health club or Bike Center for your employees
Hanging space or a standing wardrobe will provide ample storage for work clothes

Offer Parking and Storage

Indoor, secure bike parking near changing rooms on the ground floor is idea
For bike parking outdoors, use bike lockers or covered bike racks
Bike parking should be accessible, visible and secure
Use the Bike Center

Assist with Route PLANNING

Appoint a bike commuting coordinator to procure local bike route maps
Help employees plan routes to work using low-traffic but direct roads and paths
Encourage cyclist education among employees; educated riders are safe riders

Offer Financial Incentives

Partner with a local bike shop to offer employee discounts or maintenance clinics
Offer subsidies for bike commuters who don’t use car parking spaces
Provide lunch for bike commuters; offer extra vacation time for daily bike commuters

Promote It!

Form a company bicycle club or race team; increase your own exposure locally
Allow bike commuters to dress more casually at work; organize a lunchtime race
Ask the local bike shop to showcase new bike models during lunch

Do outreach

Get local news media to cover your events
Offer tips on how to start a bike commuting program to other local businesses
Encourage employees to help co-workers make the switch to bike commuting