February Newsletter

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This Valentine’s Day we’re taking time to spread the love to our fellow advocates, suppliers, and excitement-sharer’s that make the cycling industry so special. From the talented cycling education instructors teaching people to ride, to the government officials advocating for a safer future for our roads and communities, share a hug this February 14th.




Sustainable Street’s goal is to promote activities like walking and bicycling in order to to help build healthy, vibrant, and livable communities. The organization seeks to make active transportation accessible to everyone through individual-level training, public education, and advocacy of complete streets policies. One awesome program that this organization offers is the opportunity to become a Bicycle Friendly Business

Bicycle Friendly Business is a certification and national award organized by The League of American Bicyclists, as a part of their Bicycle Friendly Initiative program. Through this program, employers are recognized for their efforts to encourage a more welcoming atmosphere for bicycling employees, customers and the community. Deserving businesses are recognized at the Bronze, Silver, Gold, and Platinum levels and all applicants receive valuable feedback and assistance in becoming more conducive to bicycling.  

As you can see, Sustainable Streets is great resource for bike lovers and passionate cyclists who care about the future of the activity across the country. Through partnerships with amazing non-profits, educational programs, and bike advocacy, cyclists everywhere can work together to make a huge difference. Check them out!




Are you looking for a community of bicyclists dedicated to creating safer roads and promoting the many benefits of cycling? Look no further than The League!

Established in 1880, The League of American Bicyclists has been working hard to spread the word on cyclist’s rights and and the value of bicycling. The League is a firm believer that bicycling is an activity that not only brings people together, but also creates healthier and stronger communities. What a dream come true for the bicycle lover. The organization provides many valuable education programs focused on bringing cyclists together to create better biking environments and safer rides.

Over the next three years, The League of American Bicyclists plans to focus on making bicycling a safer, more attractive & convenient option for everyone. By expanding on their programs, The League will be able to connect to America’s most diverse communities. One of avenues they’ll be using to spread the good word is The National Bike Summit! 




The National Bike Summit is a fantastic bike advocacy event that unifies and unites the voices of bicyclists on Capitol Hill. This year’s theme is Grass Roots Grow Together. The summit will showcase successful cycling programs at the local level, sharing how they happen and exploring ways to expand their reach. In addition, the summit will offer various workshops and speaker panels focusing on bike advocacy. If you are an active, passionate cyclist and looking to make a huge difference this year, The National Bike Summit is for you!

The 19th Annual National Bike Summit will take place in Washington, D.C. from March 5-March 7. If you are interested in attending or would like to view more information on the sessions and details of the summit, please visit this page!


Pedaling your community – social, economic, and charitable growth through cycling


It’s no secret that a daily cycling routine provides amazing mental, emotional, and physical health benefits. But how can the activity impact an entire community? We’ve listed out a few ways that cycling events can change your neighborhood for the better.



Cycling events like COAST allow community members to interact with their neighborhood, and each other, in a new way. Launched in Santa Monica in 2016, COAST is an open-streets festival that encourages the community to walk, bike, skate, and scoot through two miles of Santa Monica’s most popular streets. Free of automotive traffic! According to a press release from the city of Santa Monica, the festival celebrates new methods of environmental sustainability, transportation, and the arts. The first event was a rousing success, drawing more than 50,000 people. When asked about what COAST means to the city of Santa Monica, former Mayor Kevin McKeown said, “We do Coast for two primary reasons; in my point of view, the first is to demonstrate what life is like when you free yourself from the automobile… And the other part of this is it’s a community festival. It’s a chance for us on the city council to speak directly with constituents as they walk by… While they’re on bikes or on foot in a way you could never connect with people through cars.” Cycling events promote positive, healthy interactions with people, art, and experiences that you may have ignored before. They encourage us to be present with each other and the environment that surround us.

2. Brings REVENUE and jobs INTO THE COMMUNITY through small business


Studies show that cycling is not just good for health and social interactions, but also business. According to, “Bicycling construction projects create twice as many jobs as regular road maintenance projects – 14.4 jobs created for on-street bike lanes vs. 7.4 jobs for road repairs and upgrades for every $1 million spent.” Cha-ching! 

The report also found that people who travel by bicycle spend more than those who travel by motorized vehicle because they spend more nights in an area, need to stop more often for food, and generally tend to spend more locally. When people get out of their cars and on their bikes, they may stumble on new restaurants, bookstores, coffee shops, and other new neighborhood gems.

On the business side, cycling trade shows like North American Handmade Bicycle Show (“NAHBS”) can prove to be extremely beneficial for the budding bike entrepreneur. Per bike suppliers on Bicycle Retailer, “We had enough meetings booked with our entire sales staff that we were having to double book meetings. As long as we continue to see this same level of success and can keep the show costs in check then Interbike will continue to provide value.” Shows like NAHBS can help small businesses experience increased visibility and sales, in a more concentrated arena. Now that’s what we call collaboration! (Photo by

3. Raises money for charity and promotes cycling for a cause


Many charities now use bike races to raise funds and awareness, while also touching the lives of those in need. Local events like the LOTOJA Classic have raised nearly $1 million for charities. One charity partner in their event states, “We really appreciate the opportunity that LOTOJA has given us. They are a huge catalyst to help us raise over hundreds of thousands of dollars every single year.” With so many events of varying distances, skill levels, and locations, it is easier than ever to find the right ride for you. Whether you want to fight hunger, raise money for a cure, honor a loved one, or just get in shape and make a difference. Are you passionate about a specific cause? Grab some friends and neighbors then brainstorm how you can not only enjoy your favorite activity, but spread love, joy, and happiness to other peoples lives in the process. (Photo by


As always, thank you for reading! Happy pedaling!

January Newsletter

Happy New Year SMBC readers! It’s 2018 and we’re excited to continue bringing you the latest bicycling initiatives, legislation, and information throughout the new year… Read on to learn about the eliminated bike tax, the reduction of two national parks, and meet one of our all-star employees at the Bike Center!

Participating in this year’s AIDS/LifeCycle Ride? Join us for a training ride on January 27th at The Bike Center Union Station. Reach out for more information here:


Government scraps Bike tax credit


With a new administration in power, massive changes are occurring across all government programs. One of those changes is the elimination of the $20.00 per month tax benefit to employees who bike to work. Last month the Bicycle Commuter benefit was suspended until 2026.

The elimination of this modest tax break to commuting bicyclists leaves those in the industry perturbed. With an increased emphasis on living a healthy lifestyle over the past 10 years, the elimination of this tax credit doesn’t seem to make sense. For one thing, a larger tax credit of $255.00 goes to non-bike commuters for their vehicles and parking.

Tim Blumenthal, President of PeopleForBikes, certainly doesn’t understand it. He wonders why people who choose to drive their cars, which cause air pollution, congestion, and promotes sedentary behavior are rewarded, while those who choose to use their bikes to get to and from work are ignored.

The response to the elimination of the bicycle tax credit caused a furor in the bicycling community. As a result, PeopleForBikes sent a letter to both the Senate and House, requesting they reconsider. Additionally, 3,500 people in support of the organization sent letters to members of Congress in all 50 states.

Blumenthal sees the passing of the tax reform to be a plus for businesses, especially for bike shops, which will experience increased margins. However, for the activity and sport of bicycling, the loss of the tax credit certainly hurts. For over 10 years, the tax reimbursement illustrated that the government viewed bicycling as important to the health of the nation. Now that the tax reform has passed, it is important for us, the people, to continue spreading the value and benefits of cycling.


cycling in National Parks jeopardized


Last month, the government signed proclamations to reduce the public lands available for recreation in Utah, specifically Bears Ears and Grand Staircase-Escalante National Monuments. The public lands, for exploration and camping will be smaller, and mountain bike riders will face shorter trails as land is opened up for oil and gas development.

Of the 1.35 million acres now available in Bears Ears, the proposed bill would reduce that to 229,000 acres, an 85% reduction. In fact, the area might be split into two separate monuments. For Grand Staircase-Escalante monument, 1.9 million acres would be reduced to 997,000 acres, creating three monuments. This will open up significant cultural, archaeological, and geographical landscapes to the gas and oil industry, and 150 miles of bike riding in red rock county will be lost.

National parks are one of the things that make America so unique. To lose them to big business just for profit is unfortunate, especially given the lands already bring in substantial economic and societal gains. In Utah alone, $12.3 billion in revenue was generated by the parks. 110,000 jobs were also created. At the local level, $737 million in taxes were garnered. Bike riding alone sparked $773 million, 7,000 jobs, and $44 million in taxes.

A proclamation made by a sitting president is usually considered “ceremonial or symbolic,” but with congressional approval, it can mean a lot more. And with both a Republican House and Senate behind him, chances are high Trump’s desire could be granted. Nevertheless, and in spite of his proclamation, the general public reacted strongly against it. In fact, 2.7 million messages from the public inundated the Department of Interior during its 60-day comment period. 98% of those messages expressed support for leaving the monuments untouched.

We were particularly impressed with Patagonia’s, an outdoor apparel manufacturer and strong environmental advocate, response to the situation. In an open letter on its website, Patagonia states that outdoor recreation is one of America’s largest industries, one which creates more jobs and spending than any in the oil and gas industry.

The major point Patagonia makes is that limiting access to public lands is unnecessary. As it stands now, 90% of public lands are open to oil and gas leasing and development with only 10% available to protection, conservation, and wildlife. Furthermore, in 2015, oil companies mined 175 barrels of crude oil from public lands, a 60% uptick from 2008. So, Patagonia makes it pretty clear that Trump’s proposal is motivated by other factors than the need for barrels of oil.

But the real concern is if Trump shuts down these two monuments, what other public lands might meet the same fate. Patagonia’s mission is to get more people involved in saving public lands, so it created a “take action” button at the bottom of its message where the public can stay in tune of the actions the Trump Administration via email, text, or Twitter. Hopefully, awareness and response can save public lands for future generations.


Meet the Bike Center Team!

Iggy Cortes – customer experience Extraordinaire


We sat down with Iggy Cortes, employee at the Bike Center. Read about how he got into cycling, his view for cycling in the future, advice to his younger self, and more below!


“Iggy! Such a pleasure to finally meet you. You’re new to the Bike Center, but not to cycling, what’s the story of how you started riding and how you got here?”

My 1st bike was a western flyer muscle bike. It was a knock off of the Schwinn orange crate. You could get them at Western Auto parts stores.  I was about ten. I rode it everywhere. To the store, up and down the block, even all the surrounding wooded areas where some older kids made a few pump tracks and jumps. I’ve been hooked since. It’s where I do all my best problem solving and thinking. The bike has always given me back everything I ever needed. It’s brought me some stellar relationships, opportunities, and a way to let out steam. 

“Wow, seems like you’ve been around the block a few times, what would you like to see change in cycling in the next year? What do you want to do to personally help with your mission?”

I want to see more participation and acceptance from the non cycling community. Me riding my bike more is a great way to inspire people, especially those who might not know how to start. I used to be the weird friend that bikes everywhere but, now with the price of gas, a lack of parking, not being able to make sense of LA parking signs many of my friends have parked their cars and ride bikes now.

“Again, WOW! With all of that drive and initiative, what do you do in your free time? If you have any!”

In my free time I read. Everything from current events stuff to fiction. I do have a few books I read once a year. A Confederacy of Dunces, Watership Down, High Fidelity, and Bodas de Sangre.

Now for a couple fun questions: “If you had one piece of advice for yourself when you were younger, what would it be?”

Advice to my younger self is to keep better notes. Maybe take a calligraphy class.

“What’s been your favorite bike to ride personally, and what bike would you recommend for a new rider today?”

My favorite bike to ride is my 2007 Reynolds Masi Sprint Espiciale. For a new cyclist I’d recommend a bike which serves multiple purposes. A cruiser might not be the best way to commute + 8 miles, get groceries, or hit a trail but, neither is a full carbon road bike.

“Thank you so much Iggy, so glad we got to chat!”

Be sure to stop by the new Metro Bike Hub, now open at Union Station, and say hi to Iggy and the team!





December Newsletter


Happy Holidays from the Santa Monica Bike Center! Keep reading to hear more about the Metro Bike Hub Grand Opening Ceremony, Tips for Keeping Your New Year’s Resolutions On A Bike, How to Deal with Holiday Stress, & SMBC Holiday Offerings…


Introducing… The Union Station Metro Bike Hub!


BREAKING NEWS! Life just got a whole lot easier for Los Angeles cyclists. On November 15th, 2017, a $2.5 million, 3,000 square-foot bike hub opened its doors at the Los Angeles Union Station. With a goal to encourage more cyclists to utilize the public transit system, this secure indoor bike hub offers rentals, repairs, and retail.

Metro transit officials say this is the largest secure-access bicycle facility of it’s kind and they are hopeful that it will help cyclists to avoid the hassle of bringing their bicycles onto crowded buses and trains. The new and innovative bike hub also provides a wide range of valuable services including accessory sales, bike storage, and same-day repairs. These services are also offered by us, The Bike Center, on weekdays from 8 a.m. to 6 p.m. but bicycle storage is available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. The facility also provides closed-circuit surveillance.

“Metro is committed to providing Angelenos with sustainable, healthy alternatives to driving — whether they’re commuting to work, or taking a trip across the region,” said Los Angeles Mayor and Metro Chair Eric Garcetti. “This safe, secure bicycle parking center connects cyclists with one of our city’s most active transportation hubs and encourages more people to get where they’re going on two wheels.”

“We’ve recently brought a host of new services to Union Station, but this new bike hub promises to be one of the best yet for our multi-modal customers,” Metro CEO Phillip A. Washington said. “We now have a dedicated bike shop, parking area and common meeting place for our local bicycle community here at Union Station.”

Located right in the heart of Downtown Los Angeles, the Union Station bike hub, capable of storing nearly 200 bicycles, will certainly encourage cyclists across Southern California to pedal on over to see the sites of Downtown LA. So if you’re looking for a change of scenery, plan your next bike trip to the Union Station Bike Hub at Be sure to make the best of your trip to Downtown LA by visiting  


How To Finally Keep That New Year’s Resolution


Did You Know?

According to a recent study, only 9% of Americans feel they are successful at achieving their New Year’s resolution. For many of us, some of the more common resolutions, such as weight loss or self-improvement, are too vague and they are often established without a sound strategy that will help you reach your goal. As we approach the new year, check out a few fun and innovative New Year’s resolutions for bike lovers like you.

Pedal the Pounds Away

If your goal is to lose weight in the new year, your instincts may tell you to rush to your nearest gym. Avoid the crowds and hop on your bicycle. Make the commitment to ride at least once a week and switch up the scenery. Keep it fun!

Introduce Three Friends to Cycling

You love cycling, right? Well spread the love. Help your friends to find a new hobby and build a support team on the road.


Your adrenaline is racing, the music is pumping, and the GPS says turn right ahead… oh, and you have to capture that magical photo for Instagram. This new year, try to designate at least two “tech-free” riding days per month. Listen to the leaves beneath your wheels and the whirl of the wind as you cruise your trail. It’s a great stress reliever.

Volunteer at a Biking Event

Many events in the biking community wouldn’t be possible without the help of volunteers. To help give back to the sport you love, try volunteering at a local race or cycling club. The biking community grows every time riders like you go the extra mile to give back.  

Go on a Weekend Bike Trip

So your evening bike ride is over and back to the norm you go. Well, not so soon. Pick a weekend to take a long distance bike trip. Just plan safe travel and lodging, then go. A weekend bike trip is a great way to escape everyday routine and you don’t have to spend money on gas or endure the hustle of weekend traffic.

There are many ways cycling can help you to improve your health and well-being. As you kick-off the new year with a fresh slate of goals, always consider how your favorite two-wheeled friend may be able to help you along the way.


10 Quick Fixes For Holiday Stress


The holidays are here, and as we all know, stress can be the gift that keeps on giving. However, if you’re a bike lover, you may want to cancel that New Year’s therapy session. Here are 10 ways you can pedal through the holiday stress:

1. Avoid Parking Nightmares

As the countdown to Christmas continues, the parking lot at your local mall may look more like Dodgers Stadium during the World Series. Good luck sharkin’ for parkin’. Luckily, for bike owners, if you need to pick up a few small last-minute gifts, hop on your bike and hit the road! You’ll have much better luck finding a bike rack.

2. Turn Your Gas Money Into Gift Money

Gas prices are soaring and holiday shopping lists aren’t getting any shorter. Biking to work or during errands can save you much needed cash during the holiday season.

3. Go on a Family Bike Ride

It’s hard to argue about politics when everyone’s trying to stay in the bike lane. A family bike ride can help to ease common quarrels that arise during the holidays.

4. Avoid the Lines. Schedule a Bike Race.

Schedule a bike race for early 2018. Training for an upcoming race is a great way steer clear of the race to the new I-Phone X.

5. Join a Bike Club

The holidays can get lonely. Especially when you’re miles away from home. Joining a local bike club can help you to beat the holiday blues.

6. Two Wheels Are Better Than Four

Southern California traffic is a year-round nightmare. It’s even worse during the holiday season. Limit your automobile travel and ride your bike whenever you can. We all win.

7. Where’d The Extra Pound Go?

In-laws are so great at remembering how much you weighed last year. Keep to your training regime and keep the in-laws envious.

8. Re-Gift an Old Bike

Who needs clutter during the holidays? Re-gifting an old bike to a friend will help you to clear space around the house and it just may help that special someone discover a new hobby. Just when they thought re-gifting lacked nuance …

9. Be Spontaneous

As the new year approaches, stress may build as we take stock of the previous months, tallying up our unmet accomplishments. Cycling and spontaneous adventure go hand-in-hand, so round out the year with an impromptu weekend bike trip or cycle to a destination you’ve never been. Tee up your New Year’s Resolution with an end of year escape.

10. Don’t Stop Riding

Whether you’re spending hours in line at the retail store or you’re putting in extra hours at work to buy that special gift, there are countless reasons to abort your cycling regime during the holiday season. This time of year, as stress is surely a gift that will keep on giving, a great way to find relief is to reward yourself with the things you enjoy most. Happy holidays and happy cycling!


SMBC HOliday Offerings


As you may have noticed, the bike in the picture looks a little… well…. Different. It’s a Cargo Bike, used for groceries, going out with the family, or christmas tree shopping. We have them to rent, and also to buy!

Give us a call, or stop by the shop to explore all the ways that you can put this amazing bike to use this holiday season and beyond! Check out our offerings here!


November Newsletter – ABUS Gear Giveaway


No, this is now a “How to have a bike wedding”, nor is it a “5 ways to kill your in laws on a bike”. This is a reflection piece on how bicycles can bring us closer together, even over the course of a fifteen minute pedal by the beach.

Weddings are the happiest days of most people’s lives, until they have kids or get a dog or something even crazier. Why not spice it up? 

That’s exactly what this couple did. On Saturday the 21st of October, Jane and Grant got married in Santa Monica, rode their bikes from the ceremony to the after party, and had a damn good time doing it.

It didn’t take any overly elaborate form of planning, all they did was call us to reserve a group rental for the bridal party and family members to pedal a few blocks down the street and along the beach to appreciate the sunny California summer. They finished with dinner after their first bike ride as a married couple with all their closest friends and family.

Not only did this create a truly one-of-a-kind wedding, but they got a little sight seeing in too before the grape juice started flowing. See some of the images down below to see how you too can be as progressive and fun as the newlyweds!






Images courtesy of Jen @ToastMeetsJam, Happy Honeymoon!


The times, they are a changin’. With the Expo Line comfortably transporting pedestrians from Downtown LA to Santa Monica, our beach town is more connected to the bustling and historic DTLA than it has ever been. Cyclists, and commuters generally, are able to work and play in new parts of the city. No sluggish traffic or stressful parking. But, what if a cyclist is looking for the amenities and comfort of the Santa Monica Bike Center on the East side?

We are excited to introduce the brand new Union Station Metro Bike Hub, opening on November 15th in Downtown LA! Metro Bike Hub will be offering many of the same amenities as the Santa Monica Bike Center. Members will be able to enjoy secure 24-hour bike storage and a part-time staff of mechanics for all your cycling needs. Commuters will be able to rest easy knowing they have a place to safely park their bike and tidy up before walking into the office every morning.

The best part? The Hub will be located within Union Station, a convenient stop for commuting locals and travelers alike, by the Mozaic apartments and adjacent to the bus bay used by Amtrak. Tourists visiting the revitalized Downtown Area will be able to explore its famous streets and architecture by bike on their own, or on one of the tours offered. We’re currently developing tours that show off various aspects of the area such as the eye catching buildings and mouthwatering eateries.

We can’t wait to serve a new part of the Los Angeles community and bring our welcoming Westside hospitality to the center of LA. Please reach out if you have any questions regarding the new location and if you are interested in becoming a member! We also would love to hear any input you have for features you’d like to see in the Hub and how we can make it the best possible experience for you, our beloved chain-churning road warrior.

Image courtesy of Curbed


We saw this piece in the Santa Monica Mirror and had to toss our thoughts into the ring. As a business located in downtown Santa Monica we have experienced the changing cityscape firsthand and believe we can offer some insight into how people are currently traveling to and exploring our beautiful hometown and how we think we can make the experience better for everyone moving forward.

The author posits that a reduction in downtown Santa Monica parking will hurt business and stop local shoppers from running errands and picking up essentials downtown. “Our downtown businesses are already suffering the effects of online competition. If the City were to make it more inconvenient by eliminating downtown parking, businesses are likely to suffer further.”

We would like to argue that yes, a reduction in downtown parking will make it less likely that a local scoots downtown for their daily errands. But, are any locals still doing this? We would argue that the target demographic of downtown Santa Monica business has shifted away from catering to local essentials towards travelers and leisure shopping. As Santa Monica as a destination has grown in popularity, the businesses it features are now aimed at servicing the type of consumer in the area. Mainly travelers and a smaller group of individuals working out of local offices.

Targeting these audiences for big spending at the Downtown Santa Monica area will bring in new customers and new commuters as well. With the Expo line in full swing from Downtown Los Angeles, and the upcoming Metro Bike Hub paired with the Santa Monica Bike Center’s 300+ bicycle parking spaces and showers, we’d be foolish not to cater to the new wave of commuters aiming to take advantage of the hidden gems in a commuting city.

So let’s let the businesses reflect the individuals shopping in them. Locals can comfortably frequent businesses along Montana, Wilshire, and Santa Monica Boulevard while we, downtown businesses, can even better serve the consumers in the area with less parking and more storefronts for browsing.



We’re pleased to announce the winners of the following products. Please reach out to us on socials to claim your prizes! 

ABUS Youn-1 Ace Helmet: RONOEL AREVALO / ABUS Bordo 6000 Folding Lock: SARAH SCOTVOLD / ABUS Nutfix Axle Locks: MATTHEW THE BARBER

Congratulations everyone that participated, we had over 2,000 people engage with our pages, spreading the love of safety, style, and sustainability in cycling! We’ll be partnering with more brands going forward so don’t be shy! Follow, like, share, and comment! 


October Newsletter

COAST | Santa monica 2017

COAST 2017 definitely went out with a bang, beep, and honk.

The event provided an amazing amount of fun activities for walkers and cyclists alike. Like painting fun characters on cardboard and hanging them on trees, rides in colorfully painted excavation trucks reminiscent of old Tonka toys, and sing along stations with live bands along the route for kids and parents to catch their breath – or use their breath – between the walking and riding along the beach.

SMBC offered a reCharging station from Rock The Bike for the event to provide a fun reprieve from the heat with a Charger bike! There was a line consistently to charge your phone and help charge other people’s phones. It was a great, and green, attraction that would be perfect for your next work-mixer, or it could just be a reason to avoid water cooler talk at work!

Organizations like CicLaVia and now COAST have built a brand around connecting cities and the businesses that give them character, attracting tourists and locals alike. This event not only connected Santa Monica as a whole (quite literally top to bottom) but it invited other communities to join in on the fun. The event was a glimpse of what cycling culture and infrastructure can look like in even the most crowded metropolitan areas. If you haven’t already, take a look at our past newsletter if you’d like more information on progressive city planning and how cycling infrastructure can be both beautiful and safe! It could not have been a more welcoming stage for someone that hadn’t experienced Santa Monica to see our beautiful city.

This is the kind of thinking we want to facilitate in the future of cycling, community building, and local business. If we can ingrain these progressive thought processes in our kids, we can encourage their continued support of local government to ensure cycling is a part of future and infrastructure in a meaningful way. We can ensure that local businesses can thrive in a meaningful way. We can ensure that we are growing socially and culturally in a sustainable way.

You’ve done an amazing job paving the way COAST, we’re looking forward to what you bring next year!


The California Coast Classic has been around for seventeen years. Seventeen years! And frankly most of you probably haven’t heard of it, or any of the other amazing bike rides that happen. Like Aids Life Cycle, Pablove, or Chefs Cycle. All of the organizations, including California Coast Classic take donations throughout the entire year. The California Coast Classic is currently less than $150,000 away from reaching their One Million Dollar fundraising mark. If you now someone affected by arthritis please visit their donation page now to help them reach their goal!

These events provide a meaningful and actionable way for people to give back to an organization that’s only mission is to help those in need. The California Coast Classic’s goal is simple, to fight arthritis by providing a stage for athletes, and those affected by the disease, to engage in a meaningful experience and work together! The event also provides a platform to build awareness for the cause when they see their green jerseys riding in a pack of over one hundred riders down the beautiful California coastline.

Every single one of these volunteers are constantly overflowing with energy and enthusiasm to help you and make sure you’re happy and comfortable during the ride. They’re also ready to help you before the ride to make sure you’re prepared for the journey ahead, during to ensure you’re able to raise the money that you want to, and after to get you to a massage table and the buffet table at the same time. Their positivity and energy throughout the entire event was palpable even as the very last riders were rolling in after a long day on the road. They are the reason that events like this are possible and they have the impact on all those participating.

But wait, there’s a kicker. The beautiful coastal bike ride you want to do is in California, but you live on the East Coast. Gotta get the bike there somehow! Don’t worry, we partnered with California Coast Classic and Bikeflights to make sure that everyone’s bike could get home safely and in once piece (or at least in one box). More and more resources are popping up like this to make traveling with your bike easy, read the next article to see how to travel easily with a bike this holiday season!


Pack your bags, & bike, this holiday SEASON!

The holidays are fast approaching so we want to highlight some companies that are making traveling with a bike and exploring your destination on the saddle easier than ever! Also, keep reading to get tips on making the most of your next Bike Tour from our first guest on the newsletter, David Bender. 

Ride Cabin

Ride Cabin is a brand new service offering “the dreamiest way to travel between LA and SF.”Passengers are picked up in a modern, elegantly branded coach bus as the sun sets and the street lights buzz on. Each traveler is given a sleeping cabin, complete with a privacy shade, blackout drapes, and soundproof walls, allowing them to snooze away the stress of traveling between two of the West Coast’s biggest hubs. The journey is capped by a comfortable wake up in the destination city, and a fresh cup of coffee. The best part? Ride Cabin is bike friendly. A one-way ticket up to San Francisco and a scenic, two-wheeled journey back down the coast is a beautiful way to get out of LA, rack up some miles, and clear your head this holiday season.

Trek Travel

Planning a bike-centric vacation can be stressful. Questions like, “How do I transport my bike?” and “Where should I ride?” are big hurdles that often result in bikes being left at home and vacationers lounging by the pool… But, fear not. Stop by the Santa Monica Bike Center and we’ll professionally pack and ship your bike anywhere you’d like to go. But, where should you go? That is where Trek Travel comes in. Trek has put in the time to design bike trips, covering locations all over the world, so you don’t have to. Pick a region, a time, and a ride difficulty and get out there. We’ll ship your bike safely and Trek will handle the planning. You enjoy the ride.


This month we have a guest on the Newsletter, David Bender. David is an avid cyclist and blogger. Having travelled to over 10 countries with his bike, David has numerous tips for exploring the globe with your two-wheeled friend and he outlines them regularly in his blog: Below David details how to get the most out of your vacation bike tour!

10 Creative Ways for Remaining Healthy On A Bike Tour

What could be more exhilarating than exploring a country on the seat of a bicycle? Riding a bike is one of the best ways to explore a destination at your own pace, and get some exercise in the process. Bike tours focus on more than just the destination, but the journey of arriving there.

Before you decide to hit the road you need to know a few things to help you on your tour. Otherwise a trip that was intended to be happy and fun can turn out to be disastrous because the body just can’t take it.

1. Train before you start on your trip

It is wise to start preparing your body in advance on what it about to happen or occur. You can do this by starting to do short riding trips around your neighborhood until your body feels comfortable and relaxed when you are on the bike. This is the time that if you feel anything is amiss with the bike, you should fix it. Check the pedals, the saddles, the brakes, and so on.

2. Plan your trip

You need to be prepared for any eventualities, whether you will face very hot or cold weather, you need to be ready for it. Make sure you have clothing that will keep you cool when it is blazing hot or warm if it’s freezing cold. Don’t forget to carry sunscreen with you and use it generously to avoid blisters on your skin. Remember to pack your mountain bike gear too.

3. Hydrate, hydrate

Drink lots and lots of water and carry enough water bottles or hydration packs. You should do this before you start your trail for the day and don’t wait for your body to use up all the fluids before you quench your thirst.

4. Eat well

By saying eat well I don’t mean you should take five plates of food, no but have a balanced diet. Your body is burning calories fast because of the riding and that’s why replenishing with foods rich in fiber, protein, vitamins and carbohydrates are very important when you are on a bike tour, not forgetting fruits. Whole grains and pastas are very essential to your body. Stock up on healthy and nutritious snacks and energy bars to eat when en route.

5. Stretch

Every day before you jump on your bike for another exciting tour, try to stretch both your arms and legs. This will help your blood to flow well and make you limber. Remember to do the same in the evening when you are done with biking for the day.

6. Wash up

Getting water always might be tricky because you are on the move but it doesn’t mean that now you have a license to be smelly. Because of the sweating when you are riding, it is important to find ways to stay clean. You may bathe in a stream if you come across one, use public restrooms to shower or even use the water from your hydration pack to try and clean yourself as best as you possibly can. You can carry unscented wipes and taco powder to help you. Brush your teeth every day and try to be as presentable as possible.

7. Rest up

Get as much rest as you can. You don’t have to push your body to a breaking point. It is ok to relax and not just at night when you are logging off but even during the day depending on how you feel take a load off as your wish. Listen to what your body is telling you.

8. Carry a first aid box

You are out of your comfort zone; be sure that you are bound to get a graze here and a scratch there. This might happen when you are not near any store or any place that you can easily access medical supplies, so it is wise to carry your own. Make sure your box has alcohol swabs to clean wounds, painkillers gauze bandages and even some safety pins.

9. Prepare for altitude sickness

If you are going to ride in a high altitude you need to be prepared because your body may take some time to adjust. In case you are affected, keep hydrating and resting. It might take a few days to get used to the air up there, so don’t panic or be in a hurry just let your internal mechanism adjust to the new changes.

10. Let loose

Forget about the mortgage payments, exams and the hustle and bustle of everyday life and just enjoy yourself. Stop and smell the roses, let your hair loose in the wind as you are riding.

Try new foods in places you pass and even make new friends. Take photos to remember different places and people. Be happy because you only have one life to live so live it.

Feeling inspired?




September Newsletter

California bike summit

On average, cyclists in Los Angeles save about 50 hours a year by not driving to work. How did you get to work this week?

Listen up people, The California Bike Summit is happening soon. You may have never heard of it, but it’s essentially a convention with all the people that make our city streets safer and more fun. Some of the hot topics being discussed include: Building the best Bike Campuses, keeping streets and intersections safe, new camera technology, and Open Streets planning to build safe and fun routes to school and work for kids and adults.





The start of school normally reminds us that we’ve forgotten our New Year’s resolution to learn to ride a bike and probably teach our kids to ride too. Fortunately, it won’t be yet another headache when the sack lunches still need packing. Sustainable Streets offers Adult Learn to Ride classes for adults, and private lessons for kids to get the whole family rolling safely and smoothly. Let’s face it, everyone could use another reason to get down to the beach on a Sunday.

If you love learning new things or just want to brush up on your already advanced quiver of biking skills then we have the class for you too!

BREAKING NEWS: COAST is coming to Santa Monica October 1st from 10am-4pm on Main St and Ocean Blvd! Learn more!

Sounds great, but you’re saying I have to know what bike and gear to buy now? Again, don’t worry, we have solutions for you. We’ve put together a list of some of our favorite gear to keep you stylish, safe, and seen. Here are just a few of our favorite things on the market right now. Stop by the store, or click on the images to find out more…





August Newsletter


Sustainable Cycles, South of the Border

You bike toured for three months through Mexico and the US to spread the word of Sustainable Cycles. Can you tell us a little bit about the organization and the goal of the journey?

Sustainable Cycles links bicycle education and menstrual health as tools for social change. We organize bicycle rides to relevant events and organize lead-up events en route to exhibit reusable menstrual products. This journey ended at the 40th Society for Menstrual Cycle Research Conference in Kennesaw, Georgia with the goal to strengthen health and transportation champions. We believe that the public roadway AND menstrual products should be safe for cyclists of all body types.  

Were there any challenges you faced being a solo female bike tourer? Was there any unexpected hospitality?

The hardest part of biking through Mexico solo was telling my dad I was biking through Mexico solo. Even with long desolate stretches in hot desert, the challenges I faced were more psychological than physical. I was made aware of my gender with catcalls in most cities. It is unfortunate that female-bodied people fall subject to a particular harassment in the public roadway, but it wasn’t anything I hadn’t experienced riding around Los Angeles. For the vast majority, I found incredible hospitality throughout the journey. I would roll into a small town, inquire about a safe place to sleep, and be welcomed into a home. There is something basic about bike touring that encourages human connection between strangers. In simply seeking food, water, and shelter, I found so much kindness!

What are your plans for the future?

More bike rides! And more collaboration with the many incredible organizations and companies working toward sustainability, menstrual health, and active transportation. We are fortunate to have a strong bicycle culture in Los Angeles, but safe space in the road is always a struggle to secure. We will continue to promote safe infrastructure and healthy consumer choices. Look out for our 2019 tour to the next menstrual cycle conference.  

(Below are some watercolors from Rachel’s ride diary…)




Elevated cycle path. No, it’s not like a spiritually aware bike path. It’s a bike path that is safer, cleaner, and progressive. A few of the biggest dangers of riding a bicycle in the city are traffic and subsequently collisions with motorists, as well as the debris on the road. Fortunately, elevated bike lanes solve both of those by separating bicycle traffic from motorized traffic.

You might be picturing some farfetched bicycle rainbow, arching it’s way from the Santa Monica Pier to Downtown Los Angeles. While it’s a romantic image, it’s not far off. The elevated bike paths that Santa Monica, and hopefully all of Los Angeles, will adopt have already been done. Places like Melbourne, Copenhagen, and China have already implemented some form of separated bicycle path to increase safety of pedestrians and cyclists, as well as decrease traffic for motorists.

It’s official, our bid to have the 2028 Summer Olympic Games in Los Angeles has been accepted. Let’s get an initiative drafted and executed so that by the time our city takes the world stage we will be the progressive environmental leader we strive to be.



Santa Monica has made great strides in promoting bike safety over the past five years. “Sharrows” and bicycle detection systems at stop lights have helped young commuters safely get to school in the morning and professionals coast home at the end of the work day.

So what’s next? We’d like to see Samo take steps to increase the safety of biking at night. Lights and reflectors help cyclists be seen, but can be forgotten at home or run out of batteries. You know what doesn’t run out of batteries? The sun. (At least for now).

Parts of Poland, and recently the United States, have begun to implement glow in the dark bike lanes that are powered entirely by the sun. Synthetic particles called Luminiphores (Wiki article for all the scientifically-inclined out there), are mixed into the asphalt and absorb the sun’s energy throughout the day. When the sun sets, the particles let off a light blue glow, shining the way for cyclists and clearly marking the bike path to motorists.

Although the technology is new, with a little research and testing we could keep cyclists and pedestrians significantly safer when traveling at night. This will allow commuters to more confidently ditch their cars for the greener and healthier option of riding their bikes, knowing they can safely get home after dark!

Check out a video of the lanes in action and brush up on your Polish below:

Guided Tours | Santa Monica Bike Center

Santa Monica has a sweet tooth! This guided tour takes you through Santa Monica’s premiere shopping district and landmark neighborhoods to the city’s sweetest secrets. You’ll burn a few calories while snacking on artisanal donuts, specialty chocolates, brownies, and homemade ice cream.  Each stop will feature organic ingredients inside the unique beachside community. Yum!

Participants are expected to know how to ride a bike.

Guided Tours | Santa Monica Bike Center

Santa Monica has a sweet tooth! This guided tour takes you through Santa Monica’s premiere shopping district and landmark neighborhoods to the city’s sweetest secrets. You’ll burn a few calories while snacking on artisanal donuts, specialty chocolates, brownies, and homemade ice cream.  Each stop will feature organic ingredients inside the unique beachside community. Yum!

Participants are expected to know how to ride a bike.

*Cost of tour includes food tasting at each stop**Infants (2 years and under) only pay for the cost of a baby seat rental and does not include lunch

Source: Guided Tours | Santa Monica Bike Center

Sweet Spots Bike Tour – Santa Monica Bike Center Reservations

Santa Monica has a sweet tooth! This guided tour takes you through Santa Monica’s premiere shopping district and landmark neighborhoods to the city’s sweetest secrets. You’ll burn a few calories while snacking on artisanal donuts, specialty chocolates, brownies, and homemade ice cream.  Each stop will feature organic ingredients inside the unique beachside community. Yum!

Participants are expected to know how to ride a bike. 

*Cost of tour includes food tasting at each stop.
**Infants (2 years and under) only pay for the cost of a baby seat rental and does not include lunch.

Source: Sweet Spots Bike Tour – Santa Monica Bike Center Reservations

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