Commuter Bike Loaner Program

Try OUR Loaner Program and Give Commuting by Bike a Chance!

commuterThe Commuter Bike Loaner Program aims to increase the number of people who commute by bicycle to work in Santa Monica.  This project provides people with the necessary equipment and support to gain firsthand bike commuting experience and begin transitioning from commuting by car to bicycling.

The Santa Monica Bike Center has five fully equipped Trek SoHo commuter bikes available in four frame sizes; included with the bike are basic accessories such as lights, panniers and a lock.

The program is available to anyone who works or resides in the City of Santa Monica. Participants will get exclusive use of a commuter bike and accessories for a two-week trial, free of charge. A cycle computer mounted on the handlebars of the bicycle will track the number of miles ridden by each commuter.

At the end of the trial period, the bike and accessories shall be returned to the Santa Monica Bike Center for the next participant.  The program targets employees who primarily commute by car and are willing to give bicycle commuting a try at least three times per week.

In addition to the equipment, each participant will be offered assistance with route planning, weather preparedness, and theft prevention. Participants may also get a free two-week trial membership at the Santa Monica Bike Center if needed.

Warning: Based on results you may get hooked on bike commuting after completing the two-week trial.

The Bike Center will provide the following equipment and support to participants during the two-week trial period:

  • Commuter Bike
  • Rear Rack
  • Fenders
  • Pannier
  • Head Light & Tail Light
  • U-lock
  • Cycle computer
  • Helmet (as needed)
  • Route planning and guidance on the rules of the road
  • Free two-week trial membership at the Bike Center

Optional items that are free of charge during the trial period include bicycle helmets, child seats and front baskets. 

All items must returned after completing the trial period. Participants are responsible for lost or stolen items.