Bike Repair Services

Let our trained mechanics get your bike in top shape!

We offer a full range of repair services at the prices listed below. Please Note: labor rates for specialty bikes such as Xtracycle, eBikes, Bakfiets, Elliptigo, Tandems, Recumbents and Folding will be quoted separately. All parts are subject to applicable sales tax.

Basic $75 – multi-speed
$40 – single-speed
True wheels, adjust brakes and pads, adjust shifting, adjust bearings, lubricate and clean chain and all necessary components and cables, surface clean bike.
Advanced $125 Basic tune + new cables (housing not included), replace bar tape, full wheel true and spoke balancing.
Complete Tune Up $175 Advance tune + replace all cables
and cable housing, bearing overhaul, frame polish


Derailleur adjust $10 each
Derailleur install $20 each Includes adjustment.
Derailleur hanger alignment $10+ Quote depends on severity.
Shifter install $20 each  ($30 for drop road levers)
includes brake and shifter adjust
Includes grip or STI shifters, with cable adjustment + cost of cable.
Shifter cable install $20 each
$10 tune-up add-on
Install and adjust.
Freewheel/cassette install $10
$5 tune-up add-on
or with new chain install


Brake pads $6 to $15 per pair Various types available.
Adjust V/road brake $10 basic Pad alignment, brake arm centering.
Adjust disc brake $15 Does not include bleeding
Install brake $20 – V, road, Disc,
Center-pull and cantilever
Install brake, align pad, adjust cable tension.
Install pads $10 per pair  /  $10 disc pads / $15 Hydraulic Alignment, cable tension.
Hydraulic brake bleed $20 Available for Shimano only (doesn’t include cost of fluid).
Install levers $15 each ($30 drop bar road levers)
includes brake and shifter adjust
Includes all necessary brake adjustments.
Cable install $15 each Includes cable/pad adjustment (not included: cable and housing).
Cable housing $2 per foot Includes ferrules
Cables $4 per cable Includes end caps


Flat repair  $10
$20 – electric or motorized
Labor only tube extra
Tire install $10
(free if tire is purchased at SMBC)
Clinchers only
Wheel build $1 per minute Times vary depending on complexity of wheel build – usually one hour (parts not included).
Training wheel install $15
Wheel true $15+ Cost depends on severity
Spoke replacement $20 Does not include price of spoke
($1.50 per spoke)
Tubes $7.50 + tax
Tires (parts purchase) $20 – $60 new


Adjust $10 ($5 tune-up add-on) Tighten/loosen as necessary, lubricate bearings.
Overhaul $15 – loose ball
$30 – coaster brake
Replace bearings or clean bearings in retainer.


Install $50 Cutting to size, proper headset adjustment.


Install $30 Removal of old headset and
installation of new headset.
Adjust $10 Tighten/loosen as necessary
Overhaul $25 Clean and adjust (replace bearings when applicable).


Parts Purchase $10 – $40 Price based on type of chain
Clean $15 Clean and lubricate.
Install $10 Includes derailleur adjustment.


Bottom Bracket
Adjust $15
Overhaul $30 loose ball or cartridge Clean and replace bearings.
Install $25


Bar install $15 (free if purchased here) Does not include cable install/adjust.
Bar tape $10 Free installation if purchased here.
Grip install $10 Free installation if purchased here.


Computer install $15 + Install and program.
Rack install $15 +
Bike build $70 – multi-speed
$40 – single-speed
Out of box build and tune.
Child seat install $20 Includes rack install. Price may vary based on bike.
Trailer install $10 +
Box bike for shipping $50 $10 off if you bring your own container
Fender install $15 each
Basket install $10 + Price depends on complexity of install (free if purchased here).
Lock to frame install Free for locks sold by us,
all others $5
Excess cleaning fee $15+ If bike is exceptionally dirty
and requires cleaning to repair.



Submit bike repair questions by email to:

Or call the shop between 10am – 6pm at (310) 656-8500 and ask to speak with a mechanic.

We also offer a three part bike maintenance class for people who are interested in learning how to maintain their bicycle.